Strapped For Cash To Pay Your Lawyer? Get Some Legal Funding From Us

Legal Funding Do you need some money urgently to pay your lawyer? If you need the services of your lawyer, you would be required to cough up legal fees and much more, leaving you with no choice but to bank upon your bank account. You need not worry. All you need to do is to fill up the application on our website and we will take care of the rest. It is that simple!

Send us the copies of the relevant documents

Request your lawyer to send us the copies of the relevant legal documents so that we can process your request for legal funding faster. We will then evaluate your documents and tell you what we think the right settlement for you is worth and how much money we can give you as a loan in advance.

No risks or upfront fees; pay only if you win!

You, the plaintiff, do not need to take any risks. What’s more, you need not even pay any upfront fees for the free case evaluation – until you actually receive the funds from us. And the best part is – you do not even have to return the money to us in case you don’t win your case. That’s right – Loan Query takes 100% of the risk of investing in your case.


How Loan Query is different from the other legal funding companies

We give you 100% of the money without hesitating so that you can finance your lawsuit against another. Our money is as good as yours. Whether you were involved in a car accident or any other case that is convoluted or complicated, we will finance you for fighting it.

What are the types of cases eligible for legal funding?

Whether it is police brutality, an auto accident, a legal malpractice, a medical malpractice, life insurance buyouts or any other case, you can bank upon us. We will help you fight for justice in your case. Our rates are competitive. What’s more, we do not have any fine print either. The only condition we have is that you pay up only in case you win! Simply put, we do not have any other conditions.

How much funding do we give you?

We can fund settlements of almost any size – it could be anything between $20,000 and $20 million. We could even fund more if you want. You get to work with one of our plaintiff funding specialists, who can determine your needs and fund you accordingly. He or she will decide whether you need to pay only a portion of your settlement or whether you need to pay the entire amount in easy monthly installments. However, it will cost you nothing to inquire with us. Get your case evaluated for free with us today so that you can insure your tomorrow!

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