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Lawsuit Loans Made Simple Pre-Settlement Loans Lawsuit Loan and Legal Assistance: Things to Consider Expecting for the court to decide on a case can be a long time process

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Number one provider of pre settlement funding to injured persons with a pending case. You can benefit from pre settlement funding (aka lawsuit loans) by obtaining funds before your case settles, helping to pay for living expenses and other necessities while you wait. Lawsuit loans from Nova are 100% risk-free because there’s no repayment if you lose. You keep the money for free if you lose. You only repay if, and when, your case gets settled or is won in court. While it may be referred to as ‘lawsuit loans‘ or ‘settlement loans‘, pre settlement funding through Nova are not loans. It’s instead considered a non-recourse advance because you’re not liable to repay the money if you lose. Most cases we fund include car accident loans and other personal injury loans, but we consider all case types on an individual basis. Whatever case type you might have, pre settlement lawsuit loans from Nova can help you pay the bills during your lawsuit. Call Now 1-800-319-3780

We’re in it together

We work together with your your law firm to underwrite your case and assign you a funding amount. Once the law firm provides us with the necessary documentation, our pre settlement loans specialists work hard to get you approved for funding. Should you accept our offer, the funds will be transferred to you in 48 hours or less—guaranteed!

Don’t settle early for less money.

Insurance companies take advantage of your vulnerable state by elongating the litigation process even further. As a result, many cash-strapped plaintiffs are gamed into accepting low-ball settlements in exchange for a quick and early close. Don’t be a victim of the insurance industry’s coercive tactics. Get a pre-settlement loan and gain the financial confidence to last the entirety of your lawsuit, and win the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Get Cash now in exchange for a portion of your future legal settlement at a fair rate and without a credit check. It is that simple. If you have a personal injury claim and have hired a lawyer, then you qualify to receive a cash advance