For what kind of cases can I expect money from Loan query?

At Loan query, we offer advance for a wide range of cases including- Personal Injury Assault, Personal Injury Vehicle, Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death and Sexual Harassment. Check our website for the full list of cases for which we offer monetary aid.

What is the expected time for processing money?

Our experts review your application for settlement amount. Once that is taken care of we process therequest within 2 working days. When you seek our service, there is nothing like lengthy applications or prolonged wait for clearance- which happen with typical loans.

If my case has no verdict or settlement do I need to repay the advancement?

The answer is no. We will not contact you to collect the money if that happens. After Loan query analyzes the merit of case and advances the cash you can keep it which is why this is termed non-recourse funding.

If I lose the case, what is the consequence?

You need not pay us anything in that situation. It is risky business and that is why we analyze each application rigorously before advancing the amount.

Is there any monthly cost that I have to bear?

A pre settlement loan is not like credit card bill or typical loans that you need to pay back each month. At the time of origination, you are charged an amount and every month the advance accumulates charges. But you need to pay us back from settlement amount only after a positive case verdict.

What is the threshold of minimum and maximum amount for advance can apply for?

The lowest cash advance amount is usually $500 and there is no specified upper limit for the same. The highest amount you can get depends on merits and prospects of your case.

Do you provide any legal advice on my case?

No, we are not a law firm. So, we cannot offer legal advice on client cases. We only offer aid in financial settlement of case related expenses.

Do you keep my records confidential?

We use your records only for processing your application for advance. We are particular about maintaining confidentiality of client data at any cost. It is not shared with any third party.

Do I need to worry about bad credit?

Not really. We do not need to check your credit score when analyzing your case prospect and evaluating the parameters. Our decision to approve your request for advance is based on value and merit of your case.

Can I apply for additional advance after receiving money once from you?

Yes, in most cases you can apply for additional money after receiving an advance for us. Later, it can be consolidated into a single advance. However, our analysts will consider the state and merit of your case for refinancing.

Do I need to inform my lawyer?

Surely, involvement of your attorney is advisable. In fact, it is better if you inform the attorney to supply us with required documentation for your case. However, you will not need consent of the lawyer to apply for the advance.

How do I contact you for advance funding?

You can fill an inquiry form at our website. Or else, you can call Loan query at the provided phone number and set an appointment.