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Our friendly staff will connect with you on phone or online, once you fill up the online application and share the details such as contact number, case details and loan requirement.

We Consult With Your Attorney

For us to propose a right sum for your loan, we work closely with your attorney to understand the case. Our team of attorneys verify the case and recognize the possibility of wining.

Get Reviewed, Get Money

After thorough process of review, we finalise the amount and offer the plaintiff against their lawsuit, making them comfortable with the current fiscal crisis due to personal injuries.


What is a Lawsuit Cash Advance & its use for plaintiff?

A lawsuit cash advance can give you access to the money you expect to win from your settlement now when you need it most. You could wait months or years to receive money from your case. But if you’re like most people, you have bills that need to be paid now. Legal funding carries many advantages over other types of financing, such as credit cards, a traditional personal loan, or even a second mortgage.

How much a pre-settlement funding can cost to plaintiff?

This is a key question without an easy answer – but it’s important to understand that there is no debt creation. You’re not getting a loan in the traditional sense, but simply taking an advance on your settlement. What really goes into the “cost” of a lawsuit loan is interest. How much you pay in interest depends on the size of the principal (the original amount borrowed), the interest rate, and the type of rate.

How easy is to get settlement loans for certain lawsuit?

Pre-settlement legal funding from Loan Query is designed to help lawsuit claimants pay their expenses while resolving a lawsuit. A host of different lawsuit types can qualify for pre-settlement legal funding, and it is not restricted to any specific area of law. Therefore, it’s easier to get legal funding for lawsuits more likely to result in compensation awards—regardless of the lawsuit type.

How long does it takes to get cash advances from Loan Query?

Our team is committed to helping clients get lawsuit loans as fast as possible. When approved, you will receive your lawsuit funds in as little as 24 hours. In general, the most important variable is how long it takes us to get all of the relevant documents and records from your personal injury attorney. The faster your attorney can supply our company with the information that we need, the sooner you will get your pre-settlement lawsuit loan.

For what kind of cases can I expect money from Loan query?

At Loan query, we offer advance for a wide range of cases including- Personal Injury Assault, Personal Injury Vehicle, Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death and Sexual Harassment. Check our website for the full list of cases for which we offer monetary aid.

What is the expected time for processing money?

Our experts review your application for settlement amount. Once that is taken care of we process therequest within 2 working days. When you seek our service, there is nothing like lengthy applications or prolonged wait for clearance- which happen with typical loans.

If my case has no verdict or settlement do I need to repay the advancement?

The answer is no. We will not contact you to collect the money if that happens. After Loan query analyzes the merit of case and advances the cash you can keep it which is why this is termed non-recourse funding.

If I lose the case, what is the consequence?

You need not pay us anything in that situation. It is risky business and that is why we analyze each application rigorously before advancing the amount.

Is there any monthly cost that I have to bear?

A pre settlement loan is not like credit card bill or typical loans that you need to pay back each month. At the time of origination, you are charged an amount and every month the advance accumulates charges. But you need to pay us back from settlement amount only after a positive case verdict.

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The term Loan(s) when used to describe, Pre-Settlement Funding and Lawsuit Funding by this website, or any of its agents/ representatives/ ownership/ directories/ investors and so forth is not an accurate legal or financial definition of the transaction. It is NOT A LOAN. The transaction is a non -recourse purchase of a portion of the proceeds of a potential future case award or settlement. Please note that Pre-Settlement litigation financing advances are not traditional loans. Pre-Settlement Funding advances fall in the category of funding known as “Non- Recourse Funding .” Repayment of Pre- Settlement litigation financing advances is contingent on winning or settling the lawsuit.

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