If You Don’t Win Your Case, You Owe Us Nothing

Legal Funding: Have you been denied financing to fight your lawsuit by banks and the other financing companies? It is possible that you are facing financial difficulties from disabilities or injuries that were not at all your fault. If your lawyer has filed a lawsuit against those who have hurt you or made you permanently disabled, we will finance your case. Even though the insurance company has the power and the money you need, they will keep dragging your case for as long as they can. Do not settle for pennies when you can get a dollar or even more because of your financial need that the insurance companies try to take advantage of out of greed. Let Loan Query give you the maximum financing you need to fight your case so that you can get the maximum settlement for your case.

Let us level the playing field for you

We provide funding for fighting your case so that you can get some money when you need it the most. We do what banks cannot. We give you enough funding so that you can pay your lawyer’s fees, and use your own money for your expenses. In case you do not win your case, you need not pay us back.

We offer rolling contracts

We offer you rolling contracts so that you need not cough up a huge lump sum and struggle to return the money in case you have won your case. We offer you more flexibility than a bank or any other financial institution would. For instance, instead of paying up to $24,000 at one go, you can return the money to us in easy monthly installments.

Use our money instead of yours

You may have trouble paying your medical bills, rent, mortgage, or other expenses. However, you are also required to pay your lawyer his fees. What do you do? You can bank upon us to give you the money you need to fight your case. In case you do not win, you use absolutely nothing at all. You can use our money instead of yours to manage the cash flow in your house. We will help you manage your funding at absolutely no cost to you.

Get your case evaluated

All you need to do is to ask your lawyer to send copies of your legal documents to us and we will process your documents to assess how much money we can give you. You have to simply fill up the application form we have provided on our website and we will have one of our plaintiff funding specialists contact you within 24 hours of your writing to us. We will get back to you with a quote of the amount we can pay you with regard to your case. Three simple steps are all it takes to get the legal financing needed for your case. If you need the money very urgently, then you could even get it in an hour through our one-hour funding scheme.

Apply for legal financing

When you are strapped for cash, you should simply consider applying on our website for financing to help you fight your case. Waiting and contemplating will only worsen your situation. Instead, act now by applying on our website for legal financing by Loan Query Legal Funding.

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