Structured settlement – keeping the future in mind

At Loan Query, we not only provide you with cash advance in the form of lawsuit funding or loans, but we also offer you facilities of structured settlement. If ‘structured settlement’ is a new term to you, we will explain it for you in simple terms.

Suppose you meet with an auto accident and file a personal injury lawsuit against the vehicle owner for rash driving leading to the mishap. Fortunately, you win the case in court and get a lump-sum compensation for the losses. When you get the lump-sum money in cash, it is completely tax-free. But the moment you try making investments with that amount and make earnings from the same, it becomes taxable.

Now, instead of taking the compensation amount in lump-sum form, if you go for structured settlement, you will receive uniform payments for a span of years or may be throughout lifetime. And each of these payments is tax free. It will be completely your choice regarding the way you want to take the payment. You can decide the amount and take payments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and even yearly. In fact you also have option of calling no payment for coming 10-12 years and then start payments as way of funding your retirement.

We are partners in your security – you can trust us

As a company offering structured settlement facility to customers, we at Loan Query understand the requirements of our customers in a great way. We have worked with many clients and their attorneys and created highly effective structured settlements for them as per their needs. We understand the situation of a person who is a victim of an accident, personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation etc. Instead of having lump-sum money in bank and paying taxes for the earnings from the same, why not go for structured settlement so that you have a steady source of income all throughout.

We plan the structured settlement that is most suitable for you

Every client is different from the other and so their requirements vary as well. While one client might need steady flow of money every month, some other client might like to have the compensation money on quarterly basis. At Loan Query we treat all our clients with care and understand their individual requirements. And depending on their requirements and specific needs, we create a structured settlement plan for them.

For instance, when a factory worker gets injured while working in the factory premises, the owner has to make due compensation for the losses.  For the worker, a monthly structured plan will be the best solution as his requirements will be best handled when there is steady flow of money every month.

The best team of structured settlement experts

Loan Query boasts of having the best team when it comes to structured settlement experts. Every member of the team has the right education, training and experience to handle these delicate cases. We ensure that we know our clients in the best possible manner before creating a structured settlement plans for them. In fact our employees kind of become a family member of the victim providing them all the necessary guidance, on finance management including handling structured settlements and other Lawsuit Loans by Loan Query Legal Funding.

Just let us know when you need us and we will be right there for you to guide as per your special needs.

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