Settlement Loan – Arranging Finances When It Is Needed Most

Court cases are extremely exhausting on the part of the plaintiff. And the exhaustion takes place at physical, financial and emotional levels. We, at Loan Query, understand the immense struggle that people have to go through to sustain during the time the litigation process is on. When all your financial resources are exhausted and you are looking for a quick solution, we are here to offer you the best settlement loan. We have our hands extended towards you so that we can help you in arranging finances when you really need it.

Let Loan Query handle your financial pressure till you get settlement for your claim

Nobody knows how long a personal injury claim case will run in court. It might take months and even years to get the settlement and the claim associated with it. Meanwhile you might not be able to work due to the sustained injury and that will stop the regular income. Bearing the fee of the personal injury lawyer, running the household, paying your kids’ fee at school and other costs are recurring ones and you will need to continue with them what may happen. In the initial stages you might use your savings for the expenses, but at one time this source will get exhausted as well.

When all roads seem closed, you can think of taking a settlement loan. Loan Query offers the best loan of this kind to customers. And this is no false claim! You can check other legal funding and legal financing companies offering settlement loans and compare them to our loans to understand the difference. We deal with each such case with a personal touch. We believe in extending help so that we can take off little financial pressure from your shoulders till you receive the settlement for your claim.

Settlement Loan: Simple steps of getting settlement loan from Loan Query

  1. Fill up the online application form on our website. We need just few basic details to get in touch with you. You can also call up our company and talk our team member, who will be able to guide you regarding settlement loan.
  1. We will get in touch with your lawyer who is handling the personal injury case for you in court to understand the exact situation. He will be able to furnish the required details of the case.
  1. Once we talk to your lawyer, it becomes easy for us to decide on the amount of loan that we can give you. We will also ask you regarding the convenient mode of receiving the loan amount.
  1. Once the process of approval is over, we sit with you and your lawyer once again and take a look at the documentation. Work all over again so that there are no discrepancies in the same. We will also explain all the terms and conditions applicable. Sign the papers only when you are fully convinced and satisfied.
  1. Now that all formalities are done. We at Loan Query will make arrangements so that you can get your settlement loan as soon as possible.

Do not worry about repayments now! We will not ask for repayments until you get your settlement claim sanctioned from court.

Stop worrying for your financial crisis now with a litigation case running. Loan Query is just a phone call away for ready assistance!