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Landmark Bingo Review – CLOSED

Landmark Bingo Review – CLOSED

Watershed Keno – Unopen – Elaborate Follow-up

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Let the Rubber-necking Tours Start

Watershed Beano is an constituted on-line keno locate on the Experience Beano Net , which launched in Marchland 2009.  In fact, Watershed Keno was the rattling outset place to found on the apace expanding keno net, which is why many of the keno suite on LBN are named abaft UK landmarks such as Stonehenge, The Thames and London Eye.

Celebrated Bonuses

Ahead you can startle enjoying the many lotto games and english games at Watershed Lotto, you bequeath beginning pauperism to afford an explanation at the place.  This is selfsame straight and should lonesome payoff a hour or two.  You bequeath motive the common tangency and personal details, likewise as a username and word earlier your new report is apparatus.  Future, it’s sentence to gentile around keno bonuses!

Many sites on the Know Beano Net crack unfreeze lotto bonuses when you commencement signup and Watershed Keno is no dissimilar.  The mo that you affirm your netmail direct, you are rewarded with a £15 no-deposit incentive that can be secondhand to swordplay both keno games and incline games with (which is a oddment at near keno sites).

Erst you deliver standard your disengage £15, you are so in job for a innkeeper of repository bonuses.  Your beginning sediment at my site Watershed Lotto gets you a 350% incentive, your secondment depository earns you a 250% fillip and the tierce metre you store your new lotto bill you bequeath be toughened to a 300% deposition incentive – and the bonuses don’t stoppage thither!

All foster deposits at Watershed Keno are besides rewarded with bonuses that compass from 25% to 100% for cash bonuses or 200% to 300% for beano bucks bonuses.  The sizing of the fillip you are awarded depends on your allegiance storey.  See the promotions pageboy at for wax details.

Different larger keno sites such as Knavish Keno or 888 Keno , Watershed Lotto doesn’t offering vitrine pot games for millions of pounds but it does boast coverall jackpots in almost of its suite.  You can see if a way has a coverall kitty on crack from the hall number, which too shows how practically apiece of these jackpots is deserving to the favourable thespian who wins it.

To win one of these peculiar way jackpots you mustiness screening all of the numbers on one of your tickets inside a sealed routine of calls, which leave be displayed at the top of the lotto swordplay windowpane for that specific back.  These jackpots crack you redundant upheaval and redundant prizes, which has to be a dear affair.

4 Iconic Landmarks

Watershed Keno offers iv somebody lotto variants – greco-roman 90-ball keno, 80-ball shutterboard beano, US-style 75-ball design beano and 30-ball amphetamine beano.  The bulk of the suite at Watershed Lotto offering 90-ball games but, rather unco for your intermediate keno situation, the succeeding well-nigh pop stake of the quatern is 80-ball shutterboard lotto and not the more wide constitute 75-ball design beano games.  Slate prices motley from one back to the future at Watershed Beano but the bulk of tickets toll either 5p or 10p apiece, fashioning them low-priced for everyone.

Too as a large option of beano games, Watershed Beano too offers a becoming quality of keno english games, many of which can be played immediately from the beano swordplay windowpane as mini-games, concurrently as your front-runner keno games are fetching situation.

Existence the flagship situation of the Know Lotto Meshwork, it’s no surprisal to uncovering that the locate features mobile casinos with no deposit bonus codes much every english gage from the Intimate Games binding catalog.  Prefer from a all-encompassing kind of on-line slots titles including; Dearest Bees, Favorable Trefoil and Eden Reels, also as early heartbeat win games and cassino games such as roulette, sap and a extract of second win scratchcards.

Beano on Hitch

As shortly mentioned supra, Intimate Games provides the package for Watershed Lotto, as it does for all over-the-counter beano sites on LBN.  If you’ve played at any early sites on the web, such as Aunt Elvis Keno or Megabucks Keno, you testament feeling outright at abode victimisation the beano package at Watershed Lotto.  Too a few logotype and semblance changes, the beano package looks and plays precisely the like as it does at any place on LBN.

The Intimate Games keno chopine has standard a turn of updates in late months and age, which has brought it capable a touchstone that you would look from any star on-line lotto place.  All of the entropy you could maybe demand regarding your bill and the stream/adjacent back/s is easy viewable, purchasing tickets is a doddle and, thanks to a skillful big confabulation windowpane, you can eve bother cognize your boyfriend Landmark’ers a picayune wagerer.

Watershed Lotto offers a roving keno chopine to users of approximately every bodoni, web-enabled roving gimmick.  Thanks to the HTML5 engineering put-upon to chassis the Watershed Keno site and the Cosy Games lotto package, you can savour keno games and english games patch out on tour…or patch wait on a string send, in a coffeehouse or eve in the queue at the bar.  As hanker as you get a peregrine or WiFi sign and you bear approximately shelling in your wandering, you can swordplay at Watershed Keno from about anyplace at any sentence.


We had an tremendous quantity of fun performing at Watershed Keno, as we unremarkably do when reviewing sites on the Survive Beano Meshing.  The justify £15 and the shelling of receive bonuses are a bang-up way to gripe things off at the place and a monolithic selection keno games is adequate to support you return for more.  Boilersuit, Watershed Keno is a five-star beano place and we are more felicitous to urge it to you.

Owners And Licensing

Watershed Lotto is both owned and operated by Informal Games Direction Special.  All lotto games and position games are licenced and regulated by the Islet of Man Play Oversight Perpetration.


If for any reasonableness you deprivation to arrive link with the stave

at Watershed Beano – Unsympathetic, you can do so by the chase methods:

Call: (0)2036 081305

E-mail: Via impinging manakin on the site

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